Simple Yoga exercises to help you remain Focused in Full moon

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Full moon can be a challenging time. The moon is based on water so as we are and it’s really challenging to remain focused this time of the month and controling our emotions. Specially when very sad things around us or in the world are taking place.

So i tips some simple exercises “moon related”:

To increase focus with a safe foundation (root chakra) and stimulate the third eye chakra : “VAJRASANA” (diamond pose).

To stimulate the root chakra and sacral chakra (earth and water element), hip openers: ANJANEYASANA (low lunge), ARDHA RAJAKAPOTASANA (Swan or even called halv pigeon pose)

This yoga exercises will even have better effect on persons who have birth element water, Kapha.

HEALTHY TIPS: blueberries smoothie with vegetable drink and some spenat leaves.

photo by Marlyn

Thank you for reading, continuation of an harmonic full moon!!

Love and Light,


CAUTION: don’t do this exercises if you have knees injury or any other kind of injury in the hips.

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