Food culture & Yoga

My relation to food has changed a lot since i began to practice yoga.

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While growing up in a less fortunate environment i learned to have natural respect for food, appreciating every blessing that i had in my plate. Still today i don’t take the food for granted and i am very grateful for it.

I strive to have an holistic lifestyle, totally different from what i grew up with, to eat more natural food free from animal, sugar, etc.. Although i still have a LONG way to go to reach my “perfect” diet, since my skills are not so related to cooking food though i love to eat!! 😅

Bellow i will describe 4 factors that influence my relation with food: Environment, Stress, Inspiration, Ayurveda


Just to give an example when i decided to become a vegetarian, being my goal to become vegan, my family was in shock..and i understand them. It is an extra challenge to change lifestyle when the majority of persons around me (family, friends, etc..) have another relation to food. For example, where i live is not so easy to find places to eat vegan food, or during winter season fresh local vegetables and fruits do not exist either.

The kitchen seems for me and my family sometimes like a battlefield to satisfy every different need in the daily rush.. 😅


When i am stressed and really hungry i tend to eat fast. I am aware that eating slow and mindfuly is good for my belly and health, so training to eat mindfuly is another challenge i am still working on everyday. I also tend to eat too much food particularly chocolate when i feel stressed 😅…


Every culture has it’s own ways of connecting to food. Although what really inspired my perspective on food is the traditional indian food medicine. It is related to find balance through food and related to nature, but particularly connecting the predominant birth element to the right type of food.

Ayurveda goes even further when it comes to yoga practice, also relating yoga asanas to the predominant birth element. But that is content for another post 😄.


It is the most common form of health care in India, about 5000 years old. In Ayurveda one follows natures guidance to heal and raise the vital life force energy in the body (prana) naturally.

One finds balance eating plant based food such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seads, etc.
Acording to Ayurveda the kitchen is our farmacy. One uses many hearbs, freshly cooked food that does not harm animals and nature.

Predominant birth elements according to Ayurveda:

KAPHA (earth, water)
PITTA (fire)
VATA (air)

To conclude: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so each healthy step i take gets me closer to a healthier life, that favors me and nature, no matter what food philosophy i identify myself mostly with.

When it comes to food culture in my opinion Balance is the key in every diet.. Eat moderatly, with variety, of more we are aware is good for our body (that is our living temple) and for nature. Hydrate with water, fresh fruit juices and teas. At last and specially, listen to the signs of our body, trusting our intuition we will always know what is best for us, body, mind and soul.

My father usually says: “Whatever is too much is not healthy”. Other words for a famous swedish saying: “Lagom är bra”.

I strive to follow this “rule” quite often because i am aware that the few times i eat too much or eat sugar i don’t feel so good or my levels of energy sink right after! The same goes with alcohol…

Source about Ayurveda: Janesh Vaidya, Ayurveda för din hälsa, “Maten från min by“. (Ayurveda for your health, Food from my village)

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your own relation to food and daily challenges.

Love and Light,