Starting a new business: Dream Vs Reality

Is starting an own business a dream come true or a “nightmare” while facing realities challenges?

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Against the odds, i am starting my own little business!. I did not feel 100% moral support from my surroundings, mostly doubts that it could work, so my moral was a bit down for a while, at a first start..

Though my heart was screaming for me to do this and i decided anyway to take a chance. I talked with the right persons that believed in me and my work and supported and guided me in the way.

This “dream come true” is costing me extra time, tears of joy and confusion, frustration, sweat, gray hair growing.. It is like having a new baby hahaha. I got to admit that facing reality is really hard on a person who wants to take such a risk, to dare to get out of the comfort zone that a normal job gives. Reality can be cruel when some doors shut on our face..

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I can tell that making a dream come true is not only bed of roses. Is making sacrifices, including in personal life. Is leaving the future in the wind and in Gods hands.

I know it will not be perfect because i am not perfect either. It will not be easy because i am not a machine, only human.. The most importan thing is to do it with the right intention and with all the heart!.

TIPS: If you are in the same boat as me or dream of starting your own business sometime, don’t give up if you are facing challenges! Just plan properly everything in good time. Stay away from negative people, don’t forget to take time for yourself and to relax. Take a step back and trust, let go worries, fears and drop all the expectations. At least you can some beautiful day tell proudly to your grandkids you tried!

Key to succeed: follow your heart and trust your intuition mainly. Other ones opinions are only good if they are lifting and positive..

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Hope this post was useful!

Light and Love, Marlyn

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