From yoga practice to yoga teaching

My journey from yoga practicer to being a yoga teacher has been really transforming in my life…

I have been practicing yoga for so many years now (around 10), and never in those years imagined myself being a yoga teacher.. Maybe because of the lack of confidence, of imagining that i could not do it because it seemed be too hard..

I remember my yoga teacher training, i saying to myself, “i am only doing this for me now, later we will see if i will teach..” Back then the seed of teaching was in me but i was still so insecure..

I guess i was afraid of failing, of others opinions, of not being enough or perfect..

I let go of all those fears, doubts, wrong perceptions that were limiting me, and began to teach yoga “on and off the mat”.

I still remember my first class, i was shaking, inside and outside, i was afraid of saying things incorrectly or to forget my yoga plan for that class. But it went so well! As soon as the music started to play, i forgot everything i was scared of (even though still shaking :), i went for it and the result was happy, harmonious and i could even add, inspired participants.

The key for me to succeed teaching is to use all my heart there, my passion, my knowledge, and inspire the participants to take something home with them. I don’t want to limit myself and others only to the yoga positions because that is not only what Yoga is all about.

I want to inspire people to live a life fully with love following their hearts and intuition, finding balance in body, mind and spirit. Finding that Yoga is all about Love..

and life with simple things…

I inspire the participants to open up their hearts and find out that they also have an inner teacher inside, an inner wisdom that any certificates of this world can replace. An inner wisdom that reveals that we are all connected and here for the sake of each other, more than we know..

One Love and Light,


Namaste ❤

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