Yoga stereotypes

Don’t get fooled by first appearances. Not everything is what it seems, neither in pictures, neither in reality. Nobody is perfect. We are only human.

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A yoga teacher or a yoga practicer seems to be on top of physical and psychological health all the time due to the fact of practicing Yoga regularly..

Yoga teachers and practicers are not super man or women. They only have the tools that provide them balance physically and psychologically.

Looking at my case, at first appearance i have a well trained body but in fact i have a slight discomfort in the hips. Yoga, swimming and dance are the only physical training that are friendly to my body nowadays. I used to work out a lot at the gym, home, do jogging, long walks, but that is not a reality for me anymore, and i am not even 40 yet!!

About psychological health, i have been having my ups and downs due to life circumstances (that is content for another post!) but today i can say 100% that Yoga and meditation are my therapy.

I love my body the way it is and i am grateful for my soul being able to manifest it’s purpose through it.

And don’t forget you don’t need to be fit to train yoga, you train according to your own abilities and listen to your bodies signs. You may be overwhealmed as a beginner but the yoga teachers only guide you through the positions, you are not forced to do everything or even perfectly, you own your yoga mat.

Take care of yourself as much as you can, no one else will do it for you..

Love and Light,


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