Art industry

this material world out there

covering layers of our essence

ego trying to go some elsewhere

soul just trying to remain present

excerpt of new song “Not for sale”

Being an independent artist can be the most closest to freedom i ever experienced in my life. You get to express yourself in your own way and rules without any pressure behind. BUT it may also be a challenge since you are then responsible for besides creating your music/art managing all the administrativ details that sometimes can be a bit bureaucratic and almost make the vision and dream behind the art vanish a bit in the way..

I am finding it challenging since i own a business and became recently a freelance artist at the same time. My “choice to freedom” seems to carry a price: I struggle to find that balance between give and sell because i also have to survive and pay bills. After all this is the world we created..

My intention from the beginning with all my business was to fulfill my call or purpose, profits came in last hand. I had before a safe job that provided me monthly an outcome but i was feeling something was missing so i began to chase my dreams and inner-voice instead.

To remain true to ourselves is the new wealth and success.

I felt throughout my journey that the industry of having a price tag in everything we do, even in what comes from the heart triggered something deep inside of me..

The art industry and society in general is still a good influencer in the ways of selling, promoting, achieving, etc, so in certain ways we go along with it because we don’t have so much choices left.. Either that or give up our dreams and leave them for our free time that never comes because we are engaged doing other stuff to survive and lacking of energy to focus on the hearts call.

I am so grateful with what i do, which is priceless. The “results” i feel them within, not with the outcomes. Outward blessings are only a safe “illusion” that God can take away as fast as He given us. But what is inside is ours and Gods infinite blessing for us all, not out of reach to anyone..

Photo by Jessica Lewis on

Inspiration is Gods tools acting through us, a gift we borrow but we take it for granted while creating our works of art. So are the rights reserved mainly to our egos and capitalist wallets?🤔

or also to something divine?..

Have you ever felt this way before or had a similar experience dueling between giving and selling something you are passionate for? Leave your comment bellow!

p.s. “Not for sale”, is a new song i am working on. It is a reminder to me and to other persons and artists who are struggling through the consumerist society. To those who are trying to live and share their truth for the world to benefit, without thinking of price tags or relating their success mainly to economical profit.

Peace and Love, Marlyn

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