Nature photography

Autumn transiting to winter... Autumn in it's best before the snow falls for realz! One of my passions besides singing is taking photos and nature in northern Sweden takes my breath away in every season. Also inspires me in my songs and videos ;)! Love and Light, Marlyn


by the source.. photo by Marlyn Beyond darkness, the light, the colors, the joy, the sadness, there is something that always give us comfort: the space between being and non-being, neutrality, nothingness, the peace that comes from within which light cannot blind, nor can darkness dim. Love

New single out:”Akaal” "Akaal" is my new single dedicated to my dear mother that passed away during a fire tragedy in 2018.It is a sanskrit word ( ancient indian language) that refers to infinity, immortality, beyond time and undying state of being. Thanks for watching and reading! Love, Marlyn

New single tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening you can watch the premiere of my official music video from song "Mother Earth", on youtube channel: Mother Earth is one of the songs in my music album coming this fall! Enjoy and thank you for your support! Special thanks to collabs: Producer Mema and addicional vocals Elizabet Oliveira. Love, Marlyn

Cosmic Dance

"The divine order arranges our future more wisely than any insurance company"extract on "Autobiography of a Yogi",Paramahansa Yogananda Sometimes we just need to trust that everything happens for a reason. We may need to let go of control and let our destiny unfold with the universes cosmic dance. Love and Light, Marlyn