Song lyrics “Stardust”

Stardust is released: Open your heart, open your mind and you will receive!.. video by Johan Nordström The songs in this album invite to healing, breathing, to union, to embrace light, compassion, peace in the heart and between each other. 1-Akaal Lyrics:Frozen tears and snowflakessince last time i saw your pretty facememories that fire …

New single out:”Akaal” "Akaal" is my new single dedicated to my dear mother that passed away during a fire tragedy in 2018.It is a sanskrit word ( ancient indian language) that refers to infinity, immortality, beyond time and undying state of being. Thanks for watching and reading! Love, Marlyn

Cosmic Dance

"The divine order arranges our future more wisely than any insurance company"extract on "Autobiography of a Yogi",Paramahansa Yogananda Sometimes we just need to trust that everything happens for a reason. We may need to let go of control and let our destiny unfold with the universes cosmic dance. Love and Light, Marlyn

Letter to soulmate..

The light within.. Today's nature video inspired me to write this little poem. Hope u enjoy it! Soulmate: the endless love & light within..I cannot touch youbut i can sense your stillnessI long for your healingembrace me in your tranquilnesstogether we dive so deepslow down breath & heart beattogether we raise so highspinning, dancing in …

Nature & Silence

video by Marlyn "In the illusion of the ocean's horizon we are the source we are One", Marlyn Did u know that silence is scientifically proved to regenerate your brain cells? Enjoy the video, silence and breathe mindfully! Love and Light Marlyn