Cosmic Dance

"The divine order arranges our future more wisely than any insurance company"extract on "Autobiography of a Yogi",Paramahansa Yogananda Sometimes we just need to trust that everything happens for a reason. We may need to let go of control and let our destiny unfold with the universes cosmic dance. Love and Light, Marlyn

Learn to walk again..

with new shoes.. photo by Marlyn Every small step we take everyday brings us closer to our best versions..Every moment is a new beginning, a rebirth..Learn to flow, breathe, fly and walk againin the light of God's graceMarlyn Love and Light 🙏🏽💜🕉🦋

What is Art?

...perhaps a way of capturing and expressing our essence..sometimes a blessing, others a curse... photo on pixabay, Art is in nature in a gentle smile from you and me in the stillness in the silence around you and me in the inner child that never wants to sleep in the imagination that never wants to …

Sinners & saints

photo on pixabay, We are all sinners and saints.. Sinners, claiming to be saints praising to go to heaven, but afraid of letting go saints acting as sinners forgetting that God is inside of us and not above sinners limited to our bodies saints with limitless love inside sinners until we leave our temples …

New beginnings..

I grew up frightened about the concept death.. "Into the light", by I learned through time to see beyond the word that is related to something negative or to be terrified of..Sometimes i wonder... if i would have one last day on this earth how would i live it? What would i prioritize? What …