Fade into Light

photo by pexels, on pixabay.com Stand tall as a treestrong as a mountainlet go with the water streamsflow as the rivers and the seasbe gentle as the sunbeamsshine powerful as the sunreceive love from generous windssend love back to all the stormsdare to reveal your truthallow yourself to fade into light and just be...It's not …

New beginnings..

I grew up frightened about the concept death.. "Into the light", by pexels.com I learned through time to see beyond the word that is related to something negative or to be terrified of..Sometimes i wonder... if i would have one last day on this earth how would i live it? What would i prioritize? What …

Inner Temple

Photo by VisionPic .net on Pexels.com Stop before you act, BREATHE before you react. The journey to healing begins inside. And remember your body is your temple, so take good care of it. Love and Light, Marlyn


Lonely seems the way up to the mountain.. But we are never alone!/M. photo by Marlyn Your inner light will guide you throughout your journey and make sure you remain always true to yourself and don't get out of your path./M.Trust that God as a plan for each one of us ❤ Love and Light