Keep breathing

If i can let go, of who i was, who i am.. I am you, you are me more than the eyes can see i am here, i am there, i am everywhere in Infinity we are One.. Om Mani Padme Hum Respira.. photo by Marlyn Thank you for reading and much Love, Marlyn

Time is now..

photo by Marlyn, nature in Sweden 🦋 the clock stopped ticking, the time isn't coming..Time is here, now, dancing in infinity..🦋 Time for me is at it's best when it stops ... to hear the soul whispering ... to keep the perfect moment i didn't capture, inside my heart.Time for me is an illusion (as …

Nature & Silence

video by Marlyn "In the illusion of the ocean's horizon we are the source we are One", Marlyn Did u know that silence is scientifically proved to regenerate your brain cells? Enjoy the video, silence and breathe mindfully! Love and Light Marlyn

New beginnings..

I grew up frightened about the concept death.. "Into the light", by I learned through time to see beyond the word that is related to something negative or to be terrified of..Sometimes i wonder... if i would have one last day on this earth how would i live it? What would i prioritize? What …